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Granola Communications is a Boston-based marketing communications agency. Our purpose is to develop and align brands with culture, communications, and design strategies that resonate with businesses and their customers.

Granola Communications is not your typical marketing communications practice.

What makes us different? We feel that marketing can nudge organizations and their customers to do better, both socially and environmentally. We adopt a triple bottom line approach to every project, meaning that we consider society and the environment with every outcome. We help companies communicate the benefits of their products while working with them to tackle the impact.

To do this, we carefully analyze an organization and it’s product. Every organization has an impact, and the key to a prosperous future is to communicate with consumers about the effects of their impact.

We are crunchy. We are progressive.  We are positive.  But most of all, We are earth minded. We help businesses realize the importance of climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation in brand development by using authenticity to accentuate the emotional, social, and economic values of brands.

Why Granola?

According to Urban Dictionary, Granola is an adjective often used to describe people who are “environmentally aware, open-minded, socially aware and active,” often in derogatory terms. By naming ourselves Granola, we wanted to change a negative connotation for environmental awareness into something positive that reflects our purpose, mission, vision, and core values.

Our goal is to align brands with the ecological considerations of consumers.

What We Do

Granola designs marketing, communications, and branding strategies and services that resonate with businesses and their customers. Ecomarketing is at the very heart of what we do.

Our standard services package offers a five point approach (Discovery, Strategy, Way Forward, Implementation, and Review) to ensure that clients are actively involved in every aspect of our projects. We pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining an honest, open relationship with our clients.

We also provide a la carte services to startup organizations. While our concentration is primarily strategy, we specialize in media outreach for both national and local placement, media kits, marketing materials, and product placement.



Marketing communications should do more than just promote and sell products and services; it should advance an organization’s mission, vision, and core values in a way that aligns with the core values of consumers. Every day, more consumers are considering how their consumption affects the planet.

At Granola, we adhere by a conceptual framework aimed at helping businesses align their operations to the ecological considerations of consumers.  This framework is called Ecological Value, a method used to enhance the pre-existing values that consumers have for a product or service. It can be integrated into virtually any marketing strategy as a means to align the perceived values of a brand with the ecological considerations of consumers.

As consumers begin to consider the ecological ramifications of their consumption habits, they are also beginning to expect their favorite brands to do more to mitigate their ecological impact. By using Ecological Value as a means to supplement the core values of a brand, companies can communicate their sustainability efforts to consumers more effectively while enhancing their bottom line.

To find out more about how Ecological Value can help your company, contact us.



headshotAndrew Horton-Hall, MBA
Founder + CEO

Andrew has a decade of marketing communications experience, providing firms in the cleantech, fine foods, and technology sector with strategy, guidance, direction, and the tools necessary to move forward and gain traction in the marketplace. He has secured national placements for clients.

Andrew comes from a background in Journalism, working as a staff writer for newspapers throughout New England. During his time as a reporter, Andrew was quick to recognize the importance of storytelling and crafting stories of people doing extraordinary things.

As a public relations strategist, Andrew helped non-profits earn national placements and attract millions in funding for local projects and research.

As a marketing specialist for an international architecture firm, he recognized the importance of brand cohesion in reaching out to new markets while maintaining brand reputation within an established market.

He has an MBA in Sustainability from Antioch University New England. For his MBA practicum, his research looked into the importance of ecological value in everyday consumer decisions and how firms can accentuate ecological value within the perceived consumer values of a brand. His project was to develop a brand strategy for a renewable energy organization, using ecological value as a means of involving and engaging consumers.

To find out more about Andrew’s background, check out his LinkedIn profile.


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